Welcome to Kitty’s Cats, a web-comic that finally puts those lazy cats to work! No more calendar modeling or box jumping for them! Just like us, these cats will have to get their paws dirty if they expect to survive the dual threats of technological advancements and a catastrophically managed economy!

The Story

Penny is a contented book store cat. While she doesn’t make a lot of money, her work is satisfying and she is immersed in a world of art and culture. Indulging in an anachronistic lifestyle, Penny has failed to notice technology eating away at her cozy little world.

Update Schedule

Kitty’s Cats is intended as a series of stories that will be available in print editions. I am also posting the pages as a webcomic as I finish them. Due to the complexity of some pages, and my busy life, I am unable to guarantee a specific schedule at this time. Ideally, I would like to be on a weekly schedule, but, for now I am focusing on the quality of the art and story above all else.  Thanks for your understanding. Update reminders will be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Cartoon Cats Wearing Little Jackets, is This for Kids?

The answer is no, and maybe. These cartoons are partially inspired by classic cartoons, comedies and thrillers of the 1920s-1950s. If you are comfortable with your kids watching uncut versions of  Loony Tunes, Popeye cartoons and The Three Stooges, then they should be fine reading these comics with your supervision. The bottom line is that these stories are intended to be at a US movie “PG” level and should not stray any further than what would would be considered “PG-13″. If for some reason I decide to skew the stories to a more adult level, I will make an announcement to that effect.

My Mobile Phone Has a Color Screen, Why is This Comic Black and White?

The main reason is that I like black and white comics, and I believe there is some value in being able to print them inexpensively. The other reason is that color takes a lot more time for me to do.  I may selectively choose to do grey scale “ink wash” shading on some pages. There will be occasional  spot-color and full-color illustrations to brighten things up.


  • Robert Wertz (rwertz): Writer & Artist
  • Ingrid Lin (gridly): Co-Writer & Editor
  • Valentine: Mascot
  • Velvet: Boot-lace Wrangler